Today’s athletes have had to transform training processes according to new competitive demands. The dynamics of the game is to solve sports motor actions at a high execution speed, in combination with technique and tactical thinking, where athletes must largely activate a group of muscle fibers that make the muscles respond to their own activity. from sports action to peak performance. In other words, in modern sport, athletes must respond to the continuous situations that appear considering the technical-tactical, psychological, theoretical and physical components.

Strength and conditioning have evolved to such an extent that any variable must be considered when training. Explosive strength and agility are abilities that allow the human body to change position quickly and in any of the sports it is important to develop them.

Today we bring you 7 exercises simple drills to development of explosive and agility with young athletes between 11-14 years of age from different sports.

These young people know that in their sports practices there is not much time to develop their physical abilities to the maximum. That is why we have created this program to meet your needs as sports science professionals.

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Master in Sports Science Alain Alvarez