The Taekwondo Grand Prix in Paris France 2022 is the world-class competition that shows the current technical and tactical trends.

Tactical actions are of vital importance in Taekwondo combat. When competitors are capable of carrying out effective technical-tactical actions offensively and defensively, obviously more points will be achieved in favor and less against.
The term tactics is understood as: the ability of the athlete to integrate, distribute, direct and use his forces and technical, physical, psychological, theoretical and spiritual resources with a certain intention, either to achieve a point with a selected technique; to lead the fight in a certain direction, or to achieve victory in a planned competition.

One of the tactical concepts that we used while studying Sports Science for its easy understanding and practical application was; “Sports tactics is the art of conducting competition with the opponent”. His fundamental task is the most rational use of forces and possibilities to achieve victory (Ozolin 1988).

As we have been gaining practical experiences and finishing research studies as an option for an academic degree; In 2002 we defined tactics as the art of acting effectively in varied and unexpected conditions that arise with the opponent and the environment that surrounds the activity. The tactic is in charge of imposing and solving both conscious rational and unconscious intuitive situations based on one’s own possibilities, the opponent’s deficiencies, and the environment where it takes place.

Many of you may be wondering; why the surrounding environment? Just to cite an example. The central referee is the highest authority that makes him responsible for both competitors to comply with the rules established by the regulations approved by the World Federation. Now, the way this referee visualizes and interprets the tactical actions that occur in combat is one of the aspects of the environment that conditions and particularizes the contest of the competitors. To exemplify with facts we bring the fight for the discussion of the gold medal in Fujairah 2018 during the Grand Prix between Bianca Walkden (GBR) vs Shuyin Zheng (CHN) in the category of more than 67 kg.

We must consider that the situations must be resolved in a limited period of time of two or three periods of two minutes and if you do not do it you simply lose the fight. Next we see what Shuyin Zheng says about this fight.

Since the beginning of 2000 we have been saying that in taekwondo combat competitions, the competitor with greater resistance, strength, speed, and technical executions rarely wins. Most of the time, the competitor who wins is the one capable of perceiving the opponent’s game plan and intentions, analyzes the situation, and responds effectively according to the best options.

Tactical actions are the core of Taekwondo training. Therefore, it is very important to systematically study the effective actions to maintain the technical, tactical and physical objectives in accordance with the current combat regulations and competitive trends.

That is why we have brought this video with effective tactical actions that occurred in the recent Grand Prix of Taekwondo Paris 2022. You should watch this actions and determine if you would like to include them in your your taekwondo practice or classes.

Please let me know what do you think about it and share it to others coaches or taekwondo competitors.

Thank you very much!