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Taegeuk 1 (IL JANG) – Symbolizes haven and light and has 18 movements.


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Girl Taekwondo



Sure! Some of our best martial artists, including instructors and assistants, are female. Because taekwondo is a kicking art, it is particularly effective as a practical self-defense program for women and children.

How can I pay the classes?

The students most pay the subscription  on online with automatic withdrawal

How to stop Paypal from recurring payments?

It is very simple.You login and then go to:

  • My Account
  • History
  • Basic Search
  • More filters
  • Subscriptions and agreements
  • Recurring payments

Then when you search you will find the transaction that you’re looking for.

  • Click Details
  • On the next page click View Details
  • Go to Profile Status and click Cancel

…. and voila, that’s it!

Note: You need to stop this payment at least one day before the billing is going to take place

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Taekwondo Family

Professional Tae Kwon Do students attend an appropriately focused school that values personal development and courtesy, to help children and adults reach for their personal best in a safe, nurturing program.  The traits parents find developing in their children in a very short time include respect, to parents, teachers, friends and even for oneself; humility, they realize they have much to learn from others;

Perseverance, they begin to endure and stick to what they started rather than quit easily; self-control, which helps to improve school performance and concentration on a specific task; honesty, they don’t seek for an easy way out but try to do the right thing. Many parents report a noticeable difference in their children’s performance in school because of the self-discipline and focus they learn in their Tae Kwon Do classes.

By swinging a bat and kicking a ball, what character traits and life skills are children learning in their activities?  Tae Kwon Do teaches life skills that can carry benefits into their school, work, and personal relationships. Don’t worry about being disappointed, and set yourself and your child for small achievements. Your children will rise to your expectations of them.
Achieve your goals and shoot for EXCELLENCE!

If practiced correctly with an experienced instructor martial art training can positively impact the rest of your life. There are many benefits of Taekwondo for all ages depending on what you wish to achieve throughout your training. Martial art training is something which should not have an age limit on because everyone regardless of age and ability can get something positive back out of their Taekwondo training if they are taught correctly.