The warm-up and training in world Taekwondo competitions for the adult category, takes place in the facility where the event will take place.
The Taekwondo warm-up area is an open space of approximately a basketball court covered by a surface equal to or very similar to that used officially in competitions. This warm-up area is not only designated to warm up the competitors that are going to fight that day, but also to train the competitors that compete on another day. This area is also used by some to rest between a competition session and another when the daily days are fragmented into 3.

Among the activities that taekwondo perform in the warm-up area are: passive and active stretching, jogging, jumps, feints, displacements, kicks in the air, kicks to taekwondo implements such as paddles and kickers, light combat with and without protectors and bandages on hands and feet if necessary.
We recommend the use of all means of protection, especially days before the competition. Taking a parenthesis, it happened to me that I was hired to prepare a group of Cape Verdean athletes to participate in the VIII Pan-African Games that were held in Abuja, Nigeria, from October 5 to 17, 2003. After 3 months of preparation, two remained in excellent sports form to reach the gold medal and went to Nigeria with the appointed coach. The athletes started fighting without protectors a day before the competition where one of them broke his wrist performing a block, and he was unable to compete. The other competitor managed to be crowned champion of the division.

It is worth mentioning this feat is still remembered for reaching a Gold medal, today it is still remembered, for being the only Gold medal in history for the Republic of Cape Verde in the Pan-African Games and there could have been 2 gold medals had it not been for the accident that occurred.

It is important to know that the warm-up in competitions must be based on the optimal preparation of the body to act in combat, while training sharpens the fundamental tools of tactical technical action, keeping the body in the highest phase of the super- compensation and combat readiness.

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