Paulino Hernández is the coach of Jorge Masvidal and Andrei Arlovski. Both compete in Mixed Martial Arts MMA and are world renowned in the UFC. Both Masvidal and Arlovski have been working with Paulino Hernandez as their hitting coach, just as Yoel Romero and Colby Covington have in the past.

Paulino Hernández was one of the founders of the national Taekwondo team in Cuba and a pioneer of Kickboxing in that country. He is recognized worldwide for his punching experience, particularly kickboxing, and is credited with improving his fighters’ striking ability.

Masvidal and Arlovski have praised Hernandez’s training and credit him for helping them develop their boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and taekwondo skills for success in the Octagon.

Due to his great experience in Taekwondo, Paulino Hernández continues to help the instructors of this ancient martial art that has become an Olympic sport. For this reason, he has been invited as an evaluator a test promotion at Miami’s Top Fitness and Taekwondo schools by teacher Alain Álvarez.

In short, Paulino Hernández is a renowned punch trainer who continues to contribute to Mixed Martial Arts and Taekwondo.

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Author: MsC. Alain Alvarez

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